How to install Google Tag Manager in your Checkout Page?

The Dominate Checkout has a Custom code feature that will allow you to install your own Google Tag Manager script codes on the checkout page. Checkout page measurement is one of the key success factors for your eCommerce store, as it will track your customer's conversion funnel. Don't forget to configure this step either using our already pre-integrated Google Analytics feature or tracking it with this feature.

Follow these steps to add and integrate a Google Tag Manager to your Dominate Checkout integration:

  1. Get a Google Tag Manager Container
    If you already do not own a Google Tag Manager Account, please follow this guide.
  2. Login to your Dominate Checkout Suite account.
  3. Click on the Stores tab, and access your preferred Store Settings.
  4. Go to the Custom Code section.
  5. Locate the Header and Body Code section and paste the Google Tag Manager Scripts generated on your Google Tag Manager account.
  6. Click the Save Store button.