How to Set Up Braintree

The Braintree gateway lets you accept credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Venmo payments on your store via Braintree.

Here's how to set up this payment gateway in Dominate:

Step 1: Get your Braintree credentials 

Log in or create a Braintree account:

  1. Click on the Settings icon and select APIImage Placeholder
  2. Click Generate New API Key and click View after it generates.

    Image Placeholder
  3. Copy your Public KeyPrivate Key, and Merchant ID from the page. 
Step 2: Set Up Braintree in your Dominate Account.

  1.  Access your Dominate Checkout account.
  2.  Go to the Checkout -> Default Settings -> Payment Methods tab. You can also configure the store for an individual merchant by going to Dominate Checkout ->Stores->(Select the Store)-> Payment Methods, opening the Braintree tab, and filling in the Merchant Account ID field.
  3. Open the Braintree tab and select YES in the enable switcher.Image Placeholder
  4. In the Environment, select Sandbox to create test transactions or Live to create live transactions on your live site. 
  5. Get your Public KeyPrivate Key, and Merchant ID from the Braintree account and fill in the fields in the account. 
  6.  Save the settings.