Pay Upon Invoice (Rechnungskauf mit Ratepay) payment method from PayPal Commerce

Pay Upon Invoice from PayPal Commerce is currently available for German PayPal merchants and a local buy now, pay later payment method allowing the buyer to place an order, receive their items, and then pay the invoice within 30 days. No PayPal account is needed for the buyer to use Pay upon Invoice. PayPal Pay Upon Invoice works in conjunction with Ratepay to provide this service. This PayPal Alternative Payment Method is also called Rechnungskauf mit Ratepay in German.

Please review your account eligibility for Pay Upon Invoice payments in the PayPal Official documentation.

The customer and your merchant account must meet the following payment criteria for displaying your store's Pay Upon Invoice payment method.

  • Have a Germany PayPal Merchant account.
  • Your store currency is set to euros.
  • Your customer is physically in Germany at the moment of the purchase.
  • Your customer's shopping cart has a minimum of 5 EUR and a maximum of 2,500 EUR.

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How to display the Pay Upon Invoice/Rechnungskauf mit Ratepay payment option?

To display the Pay Upon Invoice/Rechnungskauf mit Ratepay payment option at the Dominate Hosted Checkout, you need to Onboard a German Account on your Dominate Admin Panel > Default Settings > PayPal configuration section, and checking the Pay Upon Invoice with Ratepay checkbox before clicking on the Enable PayPal button.

If you already have an onboarded account with your Dominate account, click on the "Change Signed-up merchant" button, and onboard your account again checking on the Pay Upon Invoice with Ratepay checkbox.  

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How does the Pay Upon Invoice/Rechnungskauf mit Ratepay works with the Dominate Hosted Checkout?

As noted before, the Pay Upon Invoice/Rechnungskauf mit Ratepay payment method allows your customers to buy and pay later for their items upon invoice reception within 30 days. It is important to note that your business will receive funds immediately after the purchase.

In the Dominate Hosted Checkout solution, the Pay Upon Invoice/Rechnungskauf mit Ratepay workflow is as show below

  1. The Customer reaches to the checkout page from a device in the Germany, and fills in his personal information to proceed with the purchase. The items must be sent to a German address for the Pay Upon Invoice/Rechnungskauf mit Ratepay payment method to be used.

  2. Once the Customer has placed the order an email will be sent containing the payment details for the customer to pay for his order.

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  3. The Merchant or Store Administrator can review also this information from the order details at his e-commerce platform admin panel.
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What about Disputes?

Any customer can open a dispute with Ratepay. This is why you must respond within 10 business days with evidence through the PayPal Resolution Center. If you don't respond within the timeframe, you're subject to an automatic reversal of the disputed funds.

The Dominate Hosted Checkout uses the tracking API from PayPal to report the information regarding to your shipment details. By providing this information, PayPal will help you respond to dispute cases later. Especially in older cases where you can't get tracking information from your carrier.

If you have any questions or doubts about this integration, please feel free to contact us from the "Submit a Request" button on the upper right corner from this page.