How to Configure Google Pay on your checkout page?

The Dominate Checkout Suite allows you to use Google Pay as an additional payment method. Google Pay is pre-integrated with the Braintree payment gateway.

To Configure Google Pay, please follow these steps:

  1. Login to your Dominate Checkout account.
  2. Click on the Default Settings tab or access your preferred Store Settings.
  3. Go to Payment Gateways/Methods.
  4. Browse for any of the Google Pay supported payment gateways, submit your Google Pay Merchant ID, and Enable Google Pay using the on/off switch. If you don't already have your Google Pay Merchant ID, please follow these steps to get one:

    1. Register in and create a Business Profile.
    2. Locate and click the Google Pay API option on the left side menu.
    3. Create a Website integration by submitting your eCommerce Store URL and selecting a Gateway Integration type.
    4. Add a couple of screenshots of your website, and submit your integration.
    5. Wait until your integration gets approved before using the Google Pay feature in the Dominate Checkout Suite.
  5. If you want to display the Google Pay button in the mini-cart section, please enable the Enable Google Pay on the Mini-cart button.
  6. Click the Save Store button.