With the Dominate Pro Plan, you'll unlock access to all the advanced features of Dominate SaaS Checkout, empowering you to take your checkout experience to the next level. From customizable checkout forms to advanced reporting and analytics, you'll have everything you need to optimize your conversion rates and boost sales.

Upgrading to the Dominate Pro Plan will provide you with the tools, support, and flexibility you need to unlock the full potential of your checkout process, drive higher conversions, and grow your business effectively.

To purchase the Dominate Pro Plan, follow the steps below:
1. Sign up or log in to your Dominate Admin Panel account and navigate to the My Account tab.
2. Enter and save your credit card information in the Payment Information tab.
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3. Go to the Change Plan tab, select your Pro Plan subscription period (monthly or yearly), and click "Upgrade Plan.".Image Placeholder
4. The Pro Plan will be charged automatically from your vaulted credit card, and all Pro features will be available to your account.
5. Clicking "Change Interval" allows you to easily change your current Pro Plan subscription period.
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6. Your Pro Plan subscription will be automatically renewed for the period you specified. You will be notified of this via email.

If you have any related questions, please contact us at support@dominate.co, and we will gladly answer them.