How to change the Checkout Page Primary Button Background Color?

The Dominate Checkout Suite allows you to change the Primary Button Background Color at the checkout page to match your current store's design. Maintaining the same user experience across your conversion funnel is a best practice to create confidence in purchasing.

To change your checkout page background, please follow these steps:

  1. For Dominate Checkout Hosted (For Open-Source version, jump to step 2):
    1. Login to your Dominate Checkout account.
    2. Click on the Default Settings tab or access your preferred Store Settings.
    3. Go to Customize Checkout Design -> Primary Button Background.
  2. For Dominate Checkout Open-Source:
    1. Access to your Magento 2 Admin Panel.
    2. Go to Dominate -> Open-Source Checkout -> Customize Checkout Design -> Font & Colors -> Primary Button Background.
  3. Select your preferred color from the color picker tool.
    Note: By default, the Primary Button Background color is set to #006BB4.
  4. Click the Save Store button.