How do you configure Google Address Validation on your checkout page?
The Dominate Checkout Application allows you to set up and use Google Address Validation to assist your customers in verifying their addresses before placing an order.

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Please follow the steps below to configure Google Address Validation for your environment:
  1. Sign in to your Dominate Checkout account.
  2. Click on the Default Settings tab or access your preferred Store Settings.
  3. Navigate to Address Validation.
  4. Choose Validation Service -> Google
  5. Fill out the API Key field with your Google API credentials.
    If you don't have a Google API key yet, use this guide to create one.
    Note: For Google Address Validation to work properly, you need to enable Geocoding API service for your Google Account and whitelist Dominate App IP in your Google API key -> IP Address Restrictions.
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  6. If you want your customers to only pass checkout with a Google-verified address, set Allow Invalid Address Checkout to No.
  7. Set Enable to Yes and click the Save Settings/Store button.