Configure Custom Checkout Fields

This feature requires technical knowledge from the Magento 2 platform. 
Please reach out Suppor team if you do not have a technical person 
that can help you to enable an additional checkout field.

Please perform these changes first on a Staging or Development environment 
before moving live as it might affect your checkout functionality 
if done incorrectly.

The Dominate Checkout Hosted solution allows you as a merchant to place any additional checkout field on the checkout page in the following locations:

  • Before/after the Login form
  • Before/after the Shipping address section
  • Before/after the Billing address section
  • Before/After the Delivery methods section
  • Before/After the Payment methods section
  • Before/After the Cart items section
  • Before/After the Cart Totals section
  • Before/After the Place order buttons

To Add and Configure these additional checkout fields, please follow these steps:

  1. Create the Additional Checkout field data variable

    Create and Add the company field code and variables on the "CustomDataProvider.php" file from your Dominate Hosted Checkout installation. Usually, this file is located under the following: 


    Add any file company field as described in the example below, which includes a Company field on the shipping and billing address sections:

    Note: You can have different types of field types like shipping_address, billing_address, and customer.

    Image Placeholder

  2. Create the HTML for the field and place it on the Dominate Hosted Checkout Page

    Locate and edit the "custom_address_fields.phtml" file within your Dominate Hosted Checkout installation files on your Magento 2 folder to place the HTML element, which will render the control on the Dominate Hosted Checkout page. Usually, this file is located under the following: 


    Please review the following example that prints the Company field on the checkout page:

    Image Placeholder
  3. Test and Publish
    Once you've configured a checkout field, please make sure you run the following commands for changes to take effect:

    bin/magento setup:upgrade
    bin/magento cache:clean