Add and Configure the Additional Checkout Fields on the Checkout Page

The Dominate Checkout Application allows you to add and configure multiple additional checkout fields in various sections of the checkout page in order to collect additional information from your customer during the checkout process.

Please follow the steps below to add and configure the additional checkout fields:
  1. Login to your Dominate Checkout account.
  2. Click on the Default Settings tab or access your preferred Store Settings.
  3. Go to Additional Checkout Fields and set Enable switcher to Yes
  4. Click Add Checkout Field + button and the configuration form will appear
    Note: depending on the field type chosen, the configuration options vary.
    Please refer to the following article to review the description and options of each additional field configuration.

    Image Placeholder
  5. Click Save button, and the newly added field will appear in the preselected placement section.
    Image Placeholder
  6. By clicking the Trash symbol, you can remove the additional checkout field.
    Image Placeholder
  7. Update multiple additional checkout fields by opening their tabs and changing the related configuration options.
    Image Placeholder
  8. Change additional checkout fields position within the section by dragging and dropping the field.
    Image Placeholder
  9. Click the Save Settings/Store button to update the existing additional checkout fields configurations.